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Zdrowie dla Zambii  Let’s go green
The rate of globalwarmingisincreasing. The lasttwodecades of the 20th centurywere the hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia, according to a number of climatestudies. The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on ClimateChange (IPCC) reportsthat 11 of the past 12 yearsareamong the dozenwarmestsince 1850. The Antarcticismelting much quickerthanpreviouslyexpectedbecause of the emission of greenhousegases.
But climatechangedoes not onlyhaveanenvironmentalimpact – itwillhave grave socialconsequences as well. For thisreason, Soroptimist Club in Gdańsk decided to join  the worldwideactionfocusing on healthy and clean environment.
Let’s go greenis the subjectof ourproject.  Together with Soroptimists from German Club in Koeln we aregoing to plant 9 trees on the  area of Gdańsk UniversityCampus on the 15th of April 2015.Thespecies of trees and exactplaces of plantingthemareaccepted by thecitygardner and the designer of greenareasarangements.
One of the eventsaccompaning the act of planting the treeswill  be anexhibition of Soroptimist’sprojects and activities.
We inviteyou to come and participate in thisevent.
Otherprojectactivities and eventswill be announcedsoon.

Zdrowie dla Zambii


Since 2007 Gdansk and Potsdam SI Clubs have been running the project 'We care for the future-together” which answers the objective Education of SI Programme. The idea of the project is to enable young women from Poland and Germany, two historical neighbours, friends and enemies , to learn more about their history, cultural similarities and differences, habits and traditions, also to recognize stereotype opinions and find the way to overcome prejudices. Organizing one week summer meetings for Polish and German girls aged 16 to 20 in Krzyzowa (Kreislau), Poland, the place of the Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe we provide the girls with the possibility to see each other every day life styles , preferences in music, films or art and spend nice time in beautiful surrounding of Silesia. Every year Gdansk SI Club cooperating with Potsdam Club and other Polish clubs looks for and decides about the leading subjects for workshops and couches. Sightseeing of Wroclaw and surrounding are the standard points of the visit to Krzyzowa. The workshops’ agenda for 2014 will be announced soon.

Bank Ambitnych Kobiet

Gdansk  Soroptimist  Club wants to support and help  women in their personal and professional development. We provide them with a scholarship programme called Bank of Ambitious Women which is our contribution to SI’s International Education programme, to educate,  also to empower and enable women and girls.  The mission of the project is to help women  develop their skills, fulfill their dreams  and support their professional careers. The real problem our project tries to tackle is also high rate of unemployment and raising rate of poverty among young people.

Applications can be sent twice a year. The deadline is the 31st May and 31st October.

Maximum grant value is 5000PLN.

Programme details and necessary documents are available in file Grant Programme.

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